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Partnership program offers three distinct partnership options each tailored for specific business needs of enterprise, small to medium businesses, SME’s to individual entrepreneurs. Tech Malabaricus looks forward to extend and sustain business partnerships with those who want to be at the vanguard of web and mobile technology. It not only helps you in getting quality end products but also serves you with many benefits:

Our Partnership Programs

How to become Reseller Partnership

In this model, you can represent Tech Malabaricus to market our products, services and solution capabilities anywhere in the world. You get commission for every successful client project closure.


  • You earn commission on every project closed successfully
  • You don’t require technology knowledge
  • We provide banners, texts, links and other connections that drive traffic to your websites
  • Well Organized and Documented
  • Other than internet, you can use your personal contacts to generate leads


  • Need to have personal blog or website that will be used for marketing
  • Tech Malabaricus does not entertain webmaster who practice black hat SEO. Practice should be decent on the web
  • Excellent reputation (online or offline) is preferred
  • Preference will be given to a company or individual who can build rapport within network and can build trust in the business


  • Being an reseller partner, it is your responsibility to ensure that our banners and links are not placed on the webpage or post that are irrelevant to our product, service or technology
  • For the word-of-mouth publicity, ensure that no false or over commitment is made. The company is not responsible to entertain the gimmick or whatsoever unrealistic promises made
  • Inform the company about your online marketing campaign
  • If you market our brand through email campaigns, the facts and figures of content should be approved by Tech Malabaricus

How to become Affiliate Partner

In this model, under Affiliate partnership, Tech Malabaricus serves as an extension to your existing development center/group. You can simply outsource the entire development work to Tech Malabaricus or may work in conjunction with Tech Malabaricus developers to serve the client projects.


  • Leverage the best talent available in design and development at Tech Malabaricus
  • Regardless of the size of project, Tech Malabaricus will guarantee availability of resources
  • Continue to be single source of development for your client. Tech Malabaricus will act as ghost developer to assist your needs only
  • Tech Malabaricus will provide full support in IT domain, you don’t need to acquire any IT skills to manage your clients


  • Completely own the sales and marketing
  • Ability to drive clients towards business value for mobile solutions
  • Experience in hand-over process of client project after initial requirements gathering
  • Proven track record of client management


  • Manage the client expectations and initial requirements gathering
  • Full clarity in overall project scope
  • Ability to interact with backend development team

How to become Strategic Partner

In this model, Tech Malabaricus will work with you in joint ownership mode for every client project. You will serve as front-end marketing and sales group and Tech Malabaricus will serve as backend development group to the clients for all projects.

Why Choose Us?

  • Completely represent the company Tech Malabaricus in your territory
  • Expenses for marketing etc. are shared with Tech Malabaricus
  • Utilize resources of Tech Malabaricus. We also help you to develop robust infrastructure
  • An immediate value of ‘brand’ Tech Malabaricus helps you sustain and even top the market


  • Need to have premises with proper infrastructure
  • Company credibility and experience in the field of mobile solutions
  • Ability and experience to drive sales and marketing initiatives and run campaigns


  • Maintain and enhance the reputation of the brand
  • Own the initiatives to run aggressive marketing campaigns and sales initiatives
  • Jointly own the respective territory for sales and marketing working with Tech Malabaricus

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